COVID-19 Guidelines

Platinum Coach Services endeavour to provide its personal courteous and professional service throughout this pandemic by following these guidelines.

COVID-19 Industry Standard

We’re Good To Go

This Symbol Indicates That Our Business Followed Government And industry COVID-19 Guidelines And Have A Process In Place To Maintain Cleanliness And Aid Social Distancing. See our certification below:


Stay Safe, Travel Safe

Passenger Reassurance

All vehicles are extensively cleaned before and after every use. We use the latest anti-bacterial technology to achieve the ultimate safe and comfortable environment for our clients whilst travelling. All our vehicles are fitted with automatic doors, safety screens and sanitiser stations upon entry. We ask all our clients to refrain from travelling on our vehicles should they be showing symptoms declared by our government health department.


Anti-Bacterial Cleansing

Disinfecting fog machine ensures all surfaces are 99.9% decontaminated from bacteria and virus free. As well as attacking high contact surfaces it also purifies the onboard air conditioning systems.


Hand Sanitiser & Masks

All clients will be required to wear a mask before entering the vehicle and must be worn throughout the journey. Complimentary mask packs are provided along with sanitiser sachets. Clients are welcome to wear their own. 


Social Distancing

Due to social distancing measures, some seats will be labelled “NOT IN USE” to obtain the recommended distance that has been put in place by the government whilst still providing a professional service.

UV-C Sterilisation

Our vehicles are equipped with portable UV-C wands to allow our chauffeurs to maintain the level of cleanliness required to deter any viruses from contaminating our vehicles. 

UV-C Wave has been proven to be a chemical-free method for sanitizing hard surfaces and other difficult to sterilize items

Kills up to 99.9% of Germs & Mites on Hard Surfaces

Destroys Odor-Causing Bacteria

Sanitizes Without Chemicals or Irritants

Luxury Travel Whilst Remaining Safe

Platinum Coach Services hope that the above guidelines have given you, our client, the reassurance you require to travel to your destination in comfort and style.

Contactless Travel

Travel With Confidence


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